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What is an air booster?

An air booster is a device that “boosts” air pressure from a low-pressure inlet air source to a high-pressure outlet destination. Example: 3,000 psi to 4,500 psi

Boosters are powered either by electric pumps or low-pressure air.

An Air Amplifier is a lower pressure version of an air booster.

Why use an air booster or amplifier?

Boosters (or amplifiers) can be used in to increase the capability of existing low-pressure compressors. An example is a need to increase the output level on a 150 psi compressor to a 2,000 psi level for a particular application. Larger Boosters can get the same results when increasing PSI on larger compressors is needed.  A booster (or amplifier) is a cost effective way to reach the desired PSI level without purchasing a new compressor.

Boosters (or amplifiers) can also substantially increase the PSI output of storage cylinders. For example:  Cascade systems cannot completely fill SCBA cylinders when the cascade system falls below the desired psi output. An air booster ensures complete fills to the desired level, well after the storage cylinders fall below normal cascading levels. Boosters can reach desired PSI output levels with as little as 500 psi inlet pressure!